Waitrose has a long-standing ambition to open a new store in the area that can provide the latest Waitrose offer and welcomed the opportunity to be located next to one of the most popular stores in the region.

Van Hage has been keen to partner with a supermarket on the site and believe Waitrose is the perfect fit with the brands sharing the same values when it comes to quality and service.

Delivering an improved Van Hage store alongside a Waitrose supermarket can provide substantial benefits for the area, including more retail choice for local residents and new jobs.

In the event Waitrose is successful with a future planning application in Great Amwell, it is likely to relocate its existing store in Hertford to the new store.

Waitrose is considering whether it will be viable to retain a presence in Hertford.

If Waitrose Hertford does relocate, all employees at the branch will be offered the chance to move to the new store.